Explanation of 'Values'

"Most poor customers are no different from any other in how they make purchasing decisions; their limited means simply means they are extremely good at assessing risk and value." (Hirji, 2015).

In line with this, we have to better understand what is of value for rural customers. Projects must go beyond quick "tech-fix" solutions and take into consideration the needs and desires of the end-users. Recognising the value to the customer will help to: a) encourage uptake and utilisation to increase user-profitability from the product or service; and b) motivate local communities to maintain the product or service.

The theoretical framework for perceived user value by Hirmer et al. (2014) provided the main skeleton for the development of the value wheels shown on this website. The 'Value Wheel' and 'Scoring Wheel' (see ABOUT or EXAMPLES) were developed based on a total of 9,328 scores from 117 interviews. Within these wheels, the beneficiary's perceived values can be scored and managed. For a full description of the methodology used refer to Hirmer et al. (2016). The wheels can be categorised into 4 tiers as follows:

Tier 1 represents the high level value cluster including: Emotional Value; Epistemic Value; Functional Value; Indigenous Value; Intrinsic Value; and Social Significance value [see Scoring and Value Wheels].

Tier 2 represents value clusters, embracing a set of values within the same value definition [Value Wheel].

Tier 3 shows the main value code (totalling at 64), used to better communicate development interventions.

Tier 4 houses the keywords used to score the different values (Tier 3). This aims to help the user of the 'User-Perceived Value Wheel' to identify which value can be linked to a certain statement (data) [Scoring Wheel]

The 'Scoring Wheel' provides a comprehensive list of keywords (Tier 4) that are nested under a user-perceived value code (Tier 3). This wheel supports the identification of values by allowing sentences (storytelling) gathered through market research to be scored under certain values based on the underlying keywords.


Table Value Definition_910.png